Advantages Using Joomla Image Gallery Extension for Your Joomla Website

A mind-boggling display of images is an essential constituent to deliver an astounding website. If the website is bounded to display an array of images, an effective code to stack these images is a necessity. Internet has lot of clout easing the website designing job. With the arrival of open source platform, website development has become an easy task for non-programmers. Most website owners without much knowledge in coding manage to operate their website at ease with the content management.

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Power of Joomla CMS and Extensions

The Joomla CMS due its open source nature is the popular and widely used platform for creating an interactive web page. The hassle free installation and easy management features make Joomla a hot favorite content management among web developers. Joomla offers effective extensions to deliver a dynamic website. Some are video plug-ins, gallery plug-ins for videos and images, ready made themes and so on. Here’s about the image gallery extension.

Image Gallery for Stacks of Photos

Photos have great influence to reckon your contemporary audience. Today most website publishes multiple images to create a user –interactive site. I choose a photo gallery extension for joomla CMS: . A solution to pile up large number of images in the website and optimize the images with various features creating an adorable appearance for the website.

Gallery Extension with Bestowing Features and Effects

The joomla image gallery proved to be an effective extension that works well with most browsers with super Mac effects.

The gallery supports to display any number of albums and add n number of images in each album. Each album is categorized with unique titles and relevant images. The album cover image gets lighten up when the thumbnail is placed over. Choose a category and view a neatly ordered array of images giving the gallery a classic touch.

Place the mouse over an image and see the magic!! The gallery astonishes you with the cleverly and beautifully designed effect. By rolling the mouse over an image, the image which comes in contact with the pointer is blown out blurring all other images. Click the thumbnail image and get to see the full view of the image in light box effect with name, description and slide show. It even sports a thumbnail link which once clicked gets a quick array of thumbnail images for the album. A joomla image gallery extension that gratifies wide variety of needs is definitely a best choice.

Online Promotion Tip

Implying a versatile, full-fledged product with efficacious features is a tangible evidence for creating a unique style of website. To entail an image sharing solution, the joomla image gallery extension is the most sophisticated way. An elite website with more user interface opportunity gives an upper hand in the online marketing world. Lead the search engine ranking list and increase your website value with appropriate extensions. Genius sites are perfect examples which will turn to be incomplete with add-ons. A tricky way to promote and brand your website is by putting out loads of images making the site colorful and interactive.

A Joomla Extension which is integrated with Mac Doc Effect, provides you a best smooth and joomla image gallery Mac Effect. This product has some extra added features which highlights your image in slideshow which was integrated with lightbox effect.

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Where to look for a business name idea.

Whenever you start a new enterprise you have to face the same challenge. Every single time the same question pops up. What should be the name of the project? What name should the new business or product have? It is a generally known detail that the name can make or break the future venture. Depending on the name the project can be really triumphant of merely identifiable. It is up to the name whether the business will make a good feeling and will last for a ling time. But the really big problem is where to get business name ideas from. If you desperately need stimulation you have come to the right place.

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So, where precisely should you look for business name ideas? You can try some of the renowned approaches and apps to witness which one works best for you. Every person is unique and every project or business is unique. To respond to these individual requirements you have to choose the right approach.

Basic tools and techniques for finding a nice business name idea.

Good keyword. Find a word that explains the business you are running best or indicates the field the business operates in. It will be your starting point. From here you can do all kinds of mutations and mixing it with other elements to form an suitable business name idea.

Something about you. Maybe there is a word that describes you. If you are a founder of the business it is understandable that you can be a part of it in many senses – including the name. It does not have to be your own last name. It can also be your nickname, your favorite color or place. Everything is good for a start.

Synonyms. If you already have a list of keywords grab a thesaurus or use an online synonym checker to research similar options. The plan is to find exciting and appealing words you may not use too often. By adding to the list with phrases or words of related meanings, your word list will grow very quickly. Add them to your list of potential business name ideas.

Business name generator. To find something actually fresh and unique try randomly created words and use them as business name ideas. You can use a business name generator to get dozens of attractive proposals. It will considerably intensify the brainstorming process and your list of possible names will grow.

A great business name generator that you should check out is capable of bringing unique name ideas. It is 100 % free. Also, read more about company name ideas.


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Online Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Ready to transform your business, your profits and your life? The simple answer is that you can. No matter what you sell, there are thousands of potential buyers looking to spend money with you.

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Start a blog
Starting a blog is an excellent way of engaging your existing audience as well as attracting new customers. However, blogs do take time and patience so only start one if you have the time to put into it.

Shopping comparison websites
Examples: Price Grabber, Kalka, Google Product Search
Description: Not technically just for local marketing but you can list your products for free, with customers often able to search and compare products by location.

Business Review Websites
Consumers often turn to websites like Yelp in order to find out if a business in their local area is good or not. Consumers often review customer service that they were provided, product selections and other aspects of businesses around their local area.

Copying the competition
Don’t think that you’re competitors know what they’re doing. Just because they’re advertising in a publication or magazine doesn’t mean that it’s working. Don’t be a follower – usually the chances are that advertising elsewhere will be more effective.

Social Media
Social media is one of the easiest and most effective ways to bring online attention to your business. Of course Twitter and Face book are free and they both allow you to choose who you connect with, so if you’re only marketing to local people, you can keep it that way.

RSS & Newsletter Marketing
Don’t trust yourself only in RSS feeds. A lot of users are “old-school” and prefer e-mail newsletters. Always offer this option.

Another good newsletter tactic is to offer a periodical e-mail digest with the top stories in a certain period. A week, a month etc. Maybe some of your visitors missed a few interesting posts/articles.

Use Twitter to Get More Online Traffic
Twitter marketing, done right, can send thousands of visitors to your site with one short message. If you like fast results then you will love it when you join Twitter and can quickly build a targeted group of followers. It helps you connect directly with your prospects and customers in order to get the most out of your business. At the push of a button you can run a promotion or send share an inspiration quote with your Twitter followers.
Online small business marketing is one of the most lucrative avenues as appose to leveraging the offline old school advertising and marketing techniques like Magazines, Direct Mail, Newspapers, Yellow Pages bill boards you can now create a greater long lasting impact with …

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The Magnificent Website Templates


Websites are now the best and most effective ways to market goods and services. With this, more and more companies can see the need to provide this important service and information. Because of the ever increase in demand, there is now the use and creation of website templates.

This new method of creating websites has hit the world by a storm. Website templates are pre-cooked websites all you need to do is warm them up and are ready. This simply means that you have a skeleton to work with and all you have to do is insert the flesh.

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According to your needs, you can be able to add information that is of relevance according to the goods and services you offer. You can be able to have a perfect match for your company and the services you provide. These templates do save you on many precious commodities. These include the following.


You are able to create your own basic start up website in an accurate manner, without the need of complex technological knowledge. There are different packets and packages to cater for your various needs at various times.

These websites are very easy to create and use. You have the opportunity to create quality and high quality for that matter. With the various packages, you can find several benefits and opportunities and they include the following.

Endless designs

You have the opportunity to use numerous designs at your disposal. You can easily pick any design that is appealing to you for your website template. You also have the option of a design that suits your needs. You can easily pick this from the long list of options available for you.

Set up

Setting up a website is not an easy task. It can also cost money but the opportunity of getting free set up is a wonderful opportunity. You are able to save some money and use it in another avenue of your business.


You have the potential of having up to 500 pages in your website. You can easily achieve this because of the amount of information you are able to fill in. You even have a welcome graphics page. All these features enable you to have the capability of adding more information according to your needs. This gives your website templates great advantage

A form creation tool enables you to create the following types of forms.

Application forms
Data entry forms

All these forms enable you to have something for all your clients and carter for their needs.  With a large amount of space to work with, you can fill in large volumes of data.

The photo album enables your clients and potential customers to sample the goods and services you offer on your site. You are able to reach out to more people in a cheap and effective way.

Many people are now embracing these of these templates and this is because of the magnificent opportunities you have at your disposal. Enjoy the benefits of website templates.


Find out more information on website templates.

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Crystal Report Scheduler

You might have heard about Crystal Reports Scheduler, and wonder what it is? Often known as CRD, a Crystal Reports Scheduler can help organizations/individuals deal with numerous problems like:

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* Network overloads.
* Data crashes on networks.
* Slow report performance.
* Manual report distribution, which is costly.
* Late report, missed report, and duplicate report deliveries.
* Interruptions due to report delivery activities.
* Delay in report deliveries due to emergencies, sickness, conferences, meetings, or other priorities.
* Inability to use the same report multiple times with different parameters and/or destinations.
* Inability to upgrade the network to handle the increased report traffic.

These are some of the critical problems which an organization face. And Crystal Reports Scheduler is the answer to them.

A Crystal Reports Scheduler automates report distribution that makes life easy for you. All you need is just set it and forget it. While, using manual methods, you need to interact with the reporting system for actually distributing the reports, but a Crystal Reports Scheduler on the other hand, interacts with the reporting system making it easy for you deliver reports on time and accurately.

Here are some other advantages of Crystal Report Scheduler:

1. It helps in scheduling crystal reports for automated delivery during non-peak hours.

2. It helps break the ankle chains that requires real-time presence during report distribution. For instance, with the help of CRD, you can distribute reports an hour before normal starting time to reduce peak loading on the network.

3. Helps in on-time deliveries of Crystal Reports to the right people. Rest assured, with CRD (Crystal Report Scheduler), there will be no more late or missed or accidental report to the wrong people or to the same people.

4. Avoid interruptions in work flow, by delivering reports on a set time.

5. Helps eliminate interruptions in report deliveries, due to any emergencies or other priorities.

6. Crystal Report Scheduler helps in using the same report multiple times with different parameters and/or destinations that saves time and increase the work efficiency.

With so many advantages, Crystal Report Scheduler is definitely a win-win situation for organizations.

ChristianSteven is a premier developer of report distribution, CRD, Crystal Report Scheduler etc.

ScheduleOnce - Meeting Scheduler


Intel Issued A Server Processor Platform Based On Micro

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These new enterprise-class processors with outstanding performance in energy efficiency can save electricity costs, and automatically adapt to different energy levels, speed up the data center while transactions and customer database query speed. As the supercomputer is the researchers, the basic tools, these processors will play a key role in scientific research.   2009 3 31, Beijing?? Today Intel Global synchronization in a grand launch of Intel ® Xeon ® 5500 series processors, led by 17 business-class processors. These processors are from Intel for about 15 years ago Server Market Intel ® Pentium ® Pro processor server has the most significant processor breakthroughs.   These new enterprise-class processors with outstanding performance in energy efficiency can save electricity costs, and automatically adapt to different energy levels, speed up the data center while transactions and customer database query speed. As the supercomputer is the researchers, the basic tools, these processors will play a key role in scientific research.   Code for the Nehalem-EP after the Intel ® Xeon ® 5500 series processors with a number of substantial increase in system speed and adaptability of breakthrough technology. The adoption of these technologies can help the system to better adapt to different workloads, including the Intel ® Smart Acceleration Technology (Intel ® TurboBoostTechnology), Intel ® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel ® Hyper-ThreadingTechnology), integrated power threshold (IntegratedPowerGates) , due to adopt the extended page table (ExtendedPageTables) and the enhanced Intel ® Virtualization Technology (Intel ® VirtualizationTechnology).   Intel senior vice president and general manager of Digital Enterprise Group Pat Kissinger said: “The Intel ® Xeon ® 5500 series processors for the next decade laid the foundation for innovation. Such treatment in performance, virtualization and workload management has made groundbreaking progress in response to the world’s most complex computational challenges, as well as limit the pursuit of science and technology brought new opportunity. ”   15 billion networked devices With the increasing popularity of the Internet, networking equipment, Intel had predicted that number will reach 150 million units. In this process, the Intel ® Xeon ® 5500 series processors will promote the Internet infrastructure changes. Now, high-tech industry has formed a consensus that all applications can be optimized processors and computing platforms, such a platform can not only depending on the needs of computing power, but can also be more people to use This idea is often called “cloud computing.” Intel ® Xeon ® 5500 series processors, adaptability, functionality and intelligence will greatly help to achieve this vision. Intel ® Xeon ® processor   biggest performance boost   With previous generation Intel ® Xeon ® 5400 series processors, Intel ® Xeon ® 5500 series processors improved the performance of more than 2 times, and breaking 30 world records established dual processor performance of the new standards. In the SPECint * _rate_base2006 and SPECfp * _rate_base2006 two benchmarks, Fujitsu PRIMERGY * server platform score of 240 points, respectively, and 194 points, setting a record. In the TPC *- C benchmark test, HP ProLiantDL370G6 server using Oracle11g database to 631,766 tpmC result broke the previous record. In the SAP *- SD benchmark, IBMSystemx * 3650M2 server to the user’s performance 5100SD create the record. According to measure the effect of high-performance computing applications in OpenMP’s SPEComp * Mbase2001 benchmark test results, Cisco (Cisco) obtained excellent results, and won the previous generation Xeon ® 5400 series of products as much as 154%.

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Bluetooth Technology


The convergence of computing and communications has led to the development of Bluetooth technology. Taking the short-range wireless data usage to a new level, this technology is predicted to dominate both the home and business markets.

Now no more complicated tangle of cables and wires are required to connect electronic equipment. A revolutionary technology called Bluetooth allows for the replacement of the cumbersome cables used today to connect a laptop to a cellular phone with one universal low-cost, short-range radio link. Printers, PDAs, desktops, fax machines, keyboards, and virtually any other digital device can be a part of the Bluetooth system. Bluetooth is faster than mobile phones, including the upcoming third-generation, or 3G, high-speed wireless data transmission.

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The technology

Bluetooth is a universal radio interface in the 2.45GHz ISM frequency band to function on a worldwide basis. The interface consists of hardware using ICs, a radio frequency chip, and a baseband chip. These parts work together to put a radio signal into the air that can communicate to another chipset imbedded in other product. This makes it easier to do everything, from networking different types of computers to transferring data between digital telephones.

Bluetooth can transmit through solid, non-metal objects. Its nominal link range is from 10 cm to 10 m, which can be extended to 100 m by increasing the transmit power.

Designed to operate in a noisy radio frequency environment, the Bluetooth radio uses a fast acknowledgement and frequency hopping scheme to make the link robust. Bluetooth radio modules avoid interference from other signals by hopping to a new frequency after transmitting or receiving packet.

Short range and fast hopping limit the impact of domestic and professional microwave ovens. Use of forward error correction (FEC) limits the impact of random noise on long-distance links. The encoding is optimized for an uncoordinated environment.

The Bluetooth baseband protocol is a combination of circuit and packet switching. Slots can be reserved for synchronous packets. Each packet is transmitted in a different hop frequency. A packet nominally covers a single slot, but can be extended to cover up to five slots.

The technology supports both isochronous and asynchronous services; easy integration of TCP/IP for networking. It can support an asynchronous data channel, up to three simultaneous synchronous voice channels, or a channel which simultaneously supports asynchronous data and synchronous voice. Each voice channel supports 64kbps synchronous (voice) link. The asynchronous channel can support an asymmetric link of maximally 721 kbps in either direction, while permitting 57.6 kbps in the return direction, or a 432.6kbps symmetric link.



How it works

A Bluetooth system comprises a radio unit, a link controller, link manager, and software.

The Bluetooth radio interface is based on a nominal antenna power of 0 dBm . The air interface complies with the FCC rules for the ISM band at power levels up to 0  dBm. Spectrum spreading facilitates optional operation at power levels up to 100 mW worldwide. It is accomplished by frequency hopping in 79 hops displaced by 1 MHz, starting at 2.402 GHz and stopping at 2.480 Hz. The bandwidth is controlled by an internal software switch. The maximum frequency hopping rate is 1,600 hops/sec.

The baseband describes the specifications of the digital signal processing part of the hardware the Bluetooth link controller, which carries out the baseband protocols and other low-level link routines.

A piconet is a group of two to eight devices connected via Bluetooth technology. Before any connections in a piconet are created, all devices are in standby mode. In this mode, an unconnected unit periodically listens for messages every 1.28 seconds. Each time a device wakes up, it listens on a set of 32 hop frequencies defined for that unit. The number of hop frequencies is 32 for most countries, except Japan, Spain, and France.

Any of the devices becomes the master by initiating the connection procedure.

Technology developers
Bluetooth technology is being developed through the combined contributions of the members of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. Intel brings architectural knowledge, advanced silicon technology, manufacturing expertise, and software components to the group. Ericsson contributed the basic radio technology. Nokia contributed the radio technology and mobile handset software. IBM and Toshiba developed a common specification for integrating Bluetooth technology into mobile devices. Microsoft, Lucent technologies, Motorola, and 3Com have signed on as primary Bluetooth promoters. Many smaller companies worldwide have also signed up for royalty-free rights to the emerging standard.
The final word
Bluetooth technology is being developed as an open specification, and will be licensed royalty-free to all companies who sign up to become members of the Bluetooth initiative. This will allow a quick proliferation of the technology through a wide-range of mobile products and devices. Products integrated with Bluetooth radios are expected to hit the market shortly.

TOP BUSINESS SCHOOL offers you an unparallel opportunity to study at advance level, to work with in a challenging, stimulating and rewarding environment, to develop skills and competencies which will last throughout life, and most importantly, it will empower you intellectually to face the ever-evolving management world.

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Advancement In Local Weather Radar Reports

Throughout history, many lives have been lost at the hands of severe weather. Meteorologists and scientists alike are always investigating new ways to increase the warning time for these storms, with the hope of reducing the loss of life. In the past few decades, local weather radar advancements have been made, which allow for better accuracy in predicting the paths of these storms, thus allowing meteorologists to issue severe weather reports and warnings earlier than in previous years.

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Meteorologists and scientists have been able to successfully track severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes by using an advanced tracking system called NEXRAD (Next-Generation Radar). NEXRAD is a tracking network made up of 158 Doppler weather radars. This high-resolution computerized system takes readings on the amount of precipitation in the air, the movements in the clouds, and the wind speeds during a storm.

These readings are bounced back to a local weather computer, and a colorful image is rendered on the screen, giving meteorologists a clear picture of what kind of weather is on the horizon. This final image is what you see when the meteorologist breaks in with severe weather reports and warnings, usually with a description of how he maps weather radar.

In the case of severe weather, the meteorologist will relay the readings found by the local weather radar to the residents in the area. Most likely, on your television screen you will see a computer animated image of the approaching storm.

If the storm is severe enough, then the National Weather Service (NWS) will issue severe weather reports of severe thunderstorm warnings for your area.

In that case, the storm captured on radar will have produced strong readable winds, detectable lightening, and some hail. Paying attention to the weather map is vital when severe weather is around.

On the television screen you will see several colors on the precipitation map, ranging from blue (the lightest) to black (the heaviest). If the colors for your specific area are yellow, take caution. If the colors range between orange and red, take cover immediately, as damaging winds and dangerous lightening have been reported.

When local weather radar in Atlanta, Georgia reported high winds, circular wind patterns, and large hail earlier this year, the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning. Meteorologists in the area used the collected data to predict what path the storm would take, indicating which areas needed to be warned.

Thanks to this technology, most residents received the severe weather reports early enough to allow time to seek shelter before the storm hit. Paying attention to your local weather source during severe weather plays a vital role in your safety.


Visit Mike Selvon portal to learn more about the local weather radar. Your feedback is much appreciated at our radar detector review blog where a free gift awaits you.

Landscape design

Are you thinking in transforming your house, building or patio into a beautiful place? Want to landscape your assets, but don’t know how to design? Whether it is individual property, commercial or environmental, here are some points you can take when designing your landscape.

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Landscape design is vital when you want to get the required items to get a best look since you have to find the ones that blend well without a little dissatisfaction. Landscape design helps to make certain that nothing looks out of order and you can enjoy looking at the design that is placed there. There are very many alternatives one has when it comes to design house or garden therefore all you have to do is take some quality time to get the best designs.

Generally, landscape designing involves a lot of research from your side to find out the various varieties, styles and brands that are obtainable in the market to help out to pick the ones you feel will serve their use effectively. However, if you don’t know much regarding landscape design, you don’t need to worry as there are many experts out there in Orange County whom you can consult with to get skilled advice. All you need to do is find one that has a good name so that you can give it in their hands and enjoy the services they present without any regrets. Moreover, you can get a lot of information online from professionals and different people to assist you make a right decision.

A good landscape design constructor will help you with the perfect designs that looks exactly like the heaven you have always dreamt of. However, the charges of these experts will vary accordingly. But, you would certainly find a couple of really reasonable options in Orange County.

Also in major cities like, Corona Del Mar, Dana Point, Foothill Ranch, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Rancho Santa Margarita, Seal Beach, Villa Park and Yorba Linda in Orange County have some of the best experts in landscape design in affordable rates.

In today’s market, properties with good landscape design are in demand, as it helps the buyer the house that does not hold up much masonry work. We all want to see our home as a beautiful and peaceful place that will make our mind relieve from the exhaustion and tensions of the hectic day. When you take time to properly and carefully design any landscape design, we are putting not just in our home, but in ourselves. So, take some time to make the perfect landscape that would go well with your home. This will well value the time; you spent as well as the assets that you put into it.

An ideal landscape design plays a significant role in making your surroundings look eye-catching and this improves the value of your property. A professional designer will provide you two or three plans to select from and they would be having software which contains designs to show you demo before selecting a particular design. You can select a lot of designs like formal style, informal style and woodland style. Choosing a particular design for your landscape depends on what purpose this design would be used. It is always good to select simple designs for your home. Several people say simplicity is one of the main facets of landscape design. This saves your money as well as easy to maintain once it is completed. If you use contrast elements for your design, it may be costly to redesign and maintain. Enhance your landscapes by calling a professional designer today.

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Red Cross CNA Training

A great way to start a career as a nurse or in a healthcare related job in general is by going through a Red Cross CNA Training Course. If you did not know that the Red Cross is an active provider of CNA Training classes, you are not alone. I was actually surprised to hear that not many people know really what the local Red Cross Chapters actually do.

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Becoming a CNA is not a matter of years. You can actually graduate from CNA training at the Red Cross in just a few weeks. And since you are already connected to the Red Cross in that moment this training course might actually jumpstart your healthcare career. I am not promising that the Red Cross offers you a job or does any job placements, but the Red Cross is well connected in your local community and is definitely an advantage. Even if you would become a volunteer with the Red Cross, this would count as job experience and will help you to get a CNA job more easily. After all, what good is training if your news skills do not get used?!

Why would you want to become a CNA? As the population ages (you probably heard about millions of baby boomers nearing retirement), job opportunities for nursing assistants are excellent. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has published several statistics that provide the necessary evidence. In addition, becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is also a very good way to enter the healthcare field. Becoming a CNA is often the foundation to a career that provides financial stability and that is rewarding on a personal level as well. Not that many people go home in the evening knowing that their work really made a difference in someone else’s life.

Once you are a CNA you can advance in a healthcare career by becoming a RN (Registered Nurse) or even by attending school to become a doctor.

Earning the money to pay for the education + gaining a lot of experience is a great way to succeed in life. And isn’t it amazing that all this can start with a CNA Training Course that is offered from your local Red Cross Chapter?!

You probably didn’t know, but the American Red Cross has provided nursing assistant training classes for more than two decades. The Red Cross has been a significant leader in the nursing profession for more than 100 years. And nurses that were trained by the Red Cross have helped to make a difference in many places on this planet. The Red Cross and its nurses have helped people in under-developed countries as well as being literally in the line of fire in hostile conflicts all over the world. I am tempted to say that nurses that were trained by the Red Cross are very special, but honestly – all nurses and all healthcare personnel deserves a lot of respect from the rest of us.

Conclusion: It is not that well known that the American Red Cross is an important provider of CNA training. The Red Cross has a long history of training nurses and the Red Cross has a great recognition as an organization that goes the extra mile to help people. If you attend a Red Cross CNA Training Course you will be part of this great legacy. Read more about CNA Training at the Red Cross here.